Bait & Tackle Shop

Shoreline Freezer bait & other bait supplies plus End Tackle are available to purchase on site.

Due to the fact that our fish are fed throughout the year on Shoreline baits, including heavy feeding during the Winter months, the recommended bait of choice is our house baits.

Bait prices

Freezer Baits 16mm, by Shoreline Baits                                                                    £10 per kg

GLM Sausage Oil, Roast Meat Extract, Salmon Oil

Mtx Crayfish, paprika, shrimps, snails, aminol   

The Nuts, Brazil & Tiger nut meal & nut complex

Skittles Nut  Brazil & Tiger nut meal boilie with peach & mandarin oil 


Pellets and Particle mixes 1kg                         £ 4.00                                                                                          

Salmon oil 250ml                                              £  6.50                                                                                        

Pure fish protein liquid 250ml                        £ 6.50                                                                                                            



Tackle available on site 

Hair Rig                                          


3oz Distance                                    

Back Leads                                      

2oz Pear                                         

PVA Bags                                     

Air Dry Bags                                  

Floats and assorted tackle    


All items and bait can be purchased on site, kindly note we only take cash on site 




On a visit to Shoreline baits Kate tried her hand at rolling some bollies, unsucessfully.

undefinedKate has a go at rolling Shoreline bollies

 So she left it to the experts

undefinedSo she left it to the experts