Lake Rules

We understand errors can be made, but ask if the Lake Rules provided are understood to prevent any misunderstandings.

Here at Barbret Lake we want all our guests to have a great time and enjoy themselves however as with most holiday retreats, rules are made to help and prevent problems which can occur whilst away from home.

Barbret Lake Rules

  1. No keepnets for fish over 3lbs.
  2. Only carp cradles to be used for unhooking fish over 3lb.
    (if you do not have a carp cradle these can be hired @ £10.00 per trip)
  3. No barbed hooks.
  4. No fishing after dark.
    (only by prior arrangement)
  5. Only 2 rods per person.
  6. The booking name is responsible for his/her party and for any damages caused.
  7. The management are not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.
  8. The cutting of trees is forbidden.
  9. Building fires is not permitted, a BBQ is provided.
  10. Please use the toilet provided and not surroundings. All litter is to be placed in bins provided.
  11. No swimming is allowed.
  12. No refund returned for early departures.
  13. Swims must be left clean.

    We expect the highest of standards of behaviour from our guests. We reserve the right to take action to remove anyone not complying with any of the rules stated above.